Government shall abide by its promise to rebuild Babri Masjid – SDPI

Varadigara (Nov.27): SDPI condemns RSS and its allied organisations like Shiv Sena, VHP, Bajrang Dal etc for disturbing peace and communal harmony at Ayodhya on the pretext of Ram Mandir. Party feels it is a deliberate attempt to terrorise the people of our country to press for an unlawful construction of Ram Temple by hook or crook bypassing the judicial proceedings and the final verdict in the title suit pending before the Supreme Court. In 2010 Lucknow bench verdict of Allahabad High Court partitioned the disputed land among the parties with one third part of the land for the reconstruction of Babri Masjid. But it was stayed by Supreme Court and subsequently the only option in a democracy is to wait for its verdict.  In a press conference called  in Delhi, the party national leaders including its National Vice President Mr R P Pandeya, National General Secretaries Mr Abdul Majeed and Mr Mohammed Shafi, Natioanl Secretary Dr Tasleem Ahmed Rehmani and Delhi State Convener Dr Nizamuddin Khan said that 2 days long Ayodhya mass mobilization involves several hundred crore of rupees with tremendous inconvenience to the people in East UP and thousands of frightened residents had to move away from their homes fearing violence from provocative sloganeering mobs roaming in Ayodhya and Faizahad streets. This mobilization has sent a shock wave across the country among all peace-loving, just and law-abiding citizenry. SDPI leaders said that all this havoc was created to generate a threat to the country and it judiciary that these outfits will not adhere to any rule of law. The party leaders demand that Govt. should recover the cost of all police and other arrangements from the organizers for creating such a situation. They said,  had  such rally be organised by any group of SC, ST, OBC or minority or from any secular socialist group for their just and lawful demands,  the same Hindutva wadi groups may have come in large number to disturb the gathering like they did in Bhimaji Koregaon in Maharashtra in February.

SDPI national leaders said that Muslim leaders never mobilized the community on streets  since last 3 decades for forceful reconstruction of Babri Masjid though Ex-Prime Minister  Narsimha Rao promised the community on the day of its demolition that the Masjid be constructed at the same place.  They took the position that law of the land is to be trusted and always maintained that everybody has to accept the final court verdict. In this scenario this unilateral huge mobilization by so called Hindutava groups many of whom are not even a party in the court clearly shows that they have yielded to their defeat in this case prior the verdict. Now they want to create an atmosphere of hate and fear among the masses targeting even honorable courts clearly spelling out that they don’t believe in judiciary. SDPI wonders and condemn all such statements made by so called stalwarts of nationalism in the country like RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat who openly say courts have no jurisdiction to decide any Astha. While the Supreme Court has already observed that this is not a case of Astha, but a title suit which will be examined and decided as per law.

SDPI also condemned the PM statement at an election rally at Alwar Rajasthan accusing its arch rival Congress as an obstacle in the temple construction with the active connivance of the Supreme Court. It was giving an impression as if courts are working at the behest of Congress party which is again an attempt to malign the judiciary for his political vested interests. It is a dangerous trend for the health of a democratic system where judicial system plays a vital role.  Hence this anti- national statement tantamount to contempt of court. SDPI demands Prime Minister Modi shall apologize the nation for such a dangerous statement merely for winning some state Assembly elections. It was expected that PM will advise his party colleagues and mentors to stay calm and let law shall take its own course.

SDPI also condemn Shiv Sena attempt to settle its political score in the Ayodhya streets clearly aiming to install its CM in Maharashtra and eking out major seat share in forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. While none of the Thakrey family member ever visited Ayodhya they deliberately choose this venue to garner sympathy of Maharashtrian Hindus to compete with BJP to maintain its claim as a major Hindutava force in the state. Their only aim is to retain power in the country to implement their fascist agenda to serve the interests of the corporate groups and to eliminate secular and socialist groups working for the poor. Under the camouflage of Ram MandirAstha definition of nationalism and patriotism is being changed to Hindu Nationalism and every voice of downtrodden poor asking for their rights and justice being curbed and termed as anti-national. On the other hand this has become a successful veil to hide their failures and corruption at higher places.

Now as the RSS, a right wing radicalized group, has taken direct command of Ram Mandir movement it has become more evident that country may see chaos and anarchy in the times to come.

SDPI also announced a big rally on 6th Dec 2018 in Delhi where large number of civil society organisations along with SC, ST and minority organisations to demand reconstruction of Babri Masjid at the same place. Title of Rally will be “Regain Babri Masjid, Regain Constitution.” It will start at 10 am from Mandi House and March to Parliament House wherein thousands of people belonging to various castes, communities, and religious groups will participate to break the myth and falsehood of these fringe groups that whole country is unanimous for Ram Temple construction.


SDPI Published poster 

SDPI express its satisfaction that Hindutava groups malicious attempt to break law and order in Ayodhya has failed and proved to be a flop show by the so called Ram Bhakts as they could not mobilize the desired size of mob and the day passed off peacefully.

SDPI Press Conference in New Delhi 


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