The India Fraternity Forum has been speeding up the service to the Hajj

Varadigara, Mecca (Aug,13): India has joined the service of Hajj with additional volunteers of the Fraternity Forum in volunteer service. After the advent of Hajis began to increase, India’s Fraternity Forum expanded its service in Haram and Azziya Bus Stops.

More than 80 thousand people traveled through the main bus stops of Indian Hajj via Maqpus Jinn yesterday. In the Maqpus jinn, a large crowd of people coming together not only Indians but also other nationals.

There were hundreds of India Fraternity Forum volunteers in the service of Indian Hajj Mission. They were dressed in orange color and distributed water, sandals, juices in Maqpus Jinn bus stop. Provided the wheelchairs also to thoseHajji’s suffered to walk.

Climate impact was heavy, they were comforted by the warmth following the use of water bags in the Haj Mission Medical Unit for those who were ill. Additionally water sprayed over Hajji’s to reduce the heat.
Next to the Haram sharif in Saudi transports bus stops like shab Amir and Bab Ali locations distributed water bottles

There were vehicles ready to use not only Indian Hajj and other countries. Fraternity Forum’s volunteers continued to make announcements by megaphone in various languages. They have arranged a various of languages for the announcement.

The Fraternity volunteers around the Haram area were involved in the service. There was a situation in which many people had to go through the barricades that were organized to control the crowd. Fraternity volunteers joined their lanes and helped Hajji’s to reach the bus stops in Azizia.

Some of the Green category Haji’s were admitted in near by hospitals due to the impact of heat those were staying near Haram sharif.
Organised by the coordinator of volunteer Abdullah Abubakar, Captain Abdul Gaffar, Ubaid Mangalapuram, Sheik Jamal Chennai, Abdul Majeed Mumbai and Anwar Manchery.

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