“The forthcoming Karnataka assembly election is a fight between Allah and Ram” – Karkala BJP MLA Sunil Kumar

Varadigara (Jan.23): BJP seems to be playing all dirty tricks to polarise Karnataka on communal lines. Most political analysts are predicting a second term for Siddaramaiah, BJP is visibly nervous and trying all of its weapons.

Ananth Kumar Hegde, the foul-mouthed MP of BJP from Karnataka is already in news for the last few weeks for his anti-Dalit, anti-constitution statements.
Today, another BJP leader, MLA of Karkala, Sunil Kumar said that the forthcoming election will be a fight between Allah and Ram, and has asked people to choose between Allah and Ram.

While addressing a public gathering in Kalladka near Mangalore, he reacted to the statement by local Congress MLA, Ramanath Rai, who recently said that he won 7 times by the grace of Allah, while addressing a function organized by Muslims.

However, Ramanath Rai has responded to this stating “we should be discussing about development. Ishwar , Allah, Jesus and Ram all are same for me.”

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